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So, I was on my way to see the dope Lakers x LeBron mural at Sportie LA on Melrose Ave, and to my surprise, the HATERS destroyed this masterpiece again. Like, these clowns don't have nothing better to do than to kill the vibe around here? Man, the streets were not happy about this and I wasn't either... I hate to see people's hard work get disrespected like this (Laker franchise, LeBron and the artist Gustavo Zermeno Jr). 

Seeing this mural was going to be the highlight of my weekend, but not like this. Like, this ain't right, y'all. People are really wasting their lives away by hating on LBJ. Bron hasn't lost a second of his life worrying about the haters, but the haters are working round the clock like they're on someone's payroll. 

To the HATERS: Keep hating with your playa hatin selves. Get a life and you too can live your best life. Bron is living his BEST LIFE right now and y’all wanna hate on GREATNESS? Not just his greatness but the historical greatness of LAKER NATION. 💜💛💜💛

To the FANS: We love you LA. We love you Magic. We love you Kareem. We love you Kobe. We love you Shaq. We love you Wilt. We love you Jerry x2. We love you Elgin. We love you Bron. We love you Laker Nation. The haters won this round (again) but they will not win the war. 💯




Fans VS The Haters