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Fans VS The Haters Story

Fans VS The Haters was created for the fans, inspired by the haters and motivated by love.

This idea first started when I saw people hate on LeBron after losing the 2018 NBA Finals to the Warriors. Even though Bron balled out, people blamed him for the loss.


Once Bron went to the Lakers, my idea intensified because haters kept destroying his murals in LA before he even played one game in a Lakers jersey.

After Bron opened up his IPROMISE school in Akron, most of the hate went away for a minute, until Trump hated on him and Don Lemon via Twitter. That’s when I knew I had to do something about it.

There’s so much hate going on in the world today, it’s easy for people to forget they’re loved at times. I wanted to create a brand that showed people love all the time, despite the haters.

Look, everywhere you go, you have fans and you have haters. I just felt it was time to let the haters know that the fans ain’t going nowhere. 


Fans VS The Haters is all about the people.

It’s all about the love. ❤️


Fans... represent, represent.

Haters... don’t take it personal.